A Proactive Strategy for Hematuria: Exploring the Efficacy of Revitalize Hydration

A Proactive Strategy for Hematuria: Exploring the Efficacy of Revitalize Hydration


Introduction: Hematuria, the presence of blood in urine, can signal various underlying health issues, from minor concerns such as urinary tract infections to more serious conditions like kidney disease. This paper provides an overview of hematuria and details a specific case involving a domestic short hair feline named Brooks. The case highlights a proactive approach utilizing Revitalize Hydration and suggests potential benefits in managing hematuria associated with urinary tract, kidney, or bladder ailments.

General Overview of Hematuria: Hematuria manifests in two forms: gross hematuria, where blood is visibly noticeable in the urine, and microscopic hematuria, detected only under a microscope. Underlying causes include urinary tract infections, kidney stones, trauma, inflammation, and more severe conditions like kidney disease or bladder cancer. Timely consultation with a veterinarian is crucial when signs of hematuria arise, as it may indicate a significant health issue requiring further investigation and appropriate treatment.

Case Presentation: Brooks, a healthy 1-year-old male domestic short hair feline, displayed sudden lethargy, loss of appetite, and hematuria. Recognizing the severity of these symptoms, the owner promptly scheduled a veterinary appointment and took a proactive measure by replacing Brooks’ tap water with distilled water mixed with Revitalize Hydration, drawing from previous successful cases (1).

Progress and Intervention: Within 12 hours, Brooks exhibited improvement in activity, appetite, urinary habits, and had just a trace of visible pinkish color in his urine. After 24 more hours (36 hours total), Brooks was back to “normal” and had no visible blood in his urine.  A veterinary visit (60 hours after starting Revitalize Hydration) confirmed his health. Revitalize Hydration has become his new regular drinking water.

Conclusions: The proactive approach, guided by the principle “A stitch in time…,” involved immediate intervention with Revitalize Hydration. This case suggests that supplementing with Revitalize Hydration could potentially mitigate hematuria associated with various urinary tract, kidney, or bladder ailments.

Future Research: While this case showed positive outcomes, further research is essential to explore the broader effectiveness of Revitalize Hydration in addressing various conditions affecting the urinary tract. Ongoing investigations will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the supplement’s potential benefits.


(1)    Bloom Bioscience. Efficacy of Revitalize Hydration supplementation in managing hematuria in an FIV-positive cat diagnosed with kidney lymphoma.

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