Efficacy of Revitalize Hydration supplementation in managing hematuria in a FIV-positive cat diagnosed with kidney lymphoma

What is hematuria?

Hematuria is the condition of having blood in the urine. Some of the possible causes are urinary tract infections (UTI), kidney stones or urinary crystals, feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC), kidney disease, trauma, blood clotting disorders or tumors involving the urinary tract. Gross hematuria is visible by eye and results in pink, red or brown urine.


Case presentation:

Slim Shady, a 3-year-old FIV-positive male domestic short hair (DSH) feline, presented with hematuria, severe chronic upper respiratory infection (URI), stomatitis, progressive weight loss and an unkept, dandruff ridden coat. Bloodwork and ultrasound were compatible with a diagnosis of kidney lymphoma. He was prescribed Zeniquin and prednisolone 5mg. Slim Shady’s condition did not improve, and hematuria persisted for weeks (Fig. 1).

To address hematuria, Revitalize Hydration supplementation (a 2.3g premeasured mineral and electrolyte packet mixed with 1-liter of filtered/bottled drinking water) was introduced in place of his regular drinking water (tap water). After just one day of administration, the urine was clear of visible blood. Temporary discontinuation of the supplement resulted in the reappearance of hematuria on day 5, that promptly resolved upon reintroduction of Revitalize Hydration on day 6 (Fig. 2). In the following weeks increased energy level and appetite as well as improved coat condition were noted (Fig. 3).


Supplementation with Revitalize Hydration swiftly resolved gross hematuria. Furthermore, it was observed that his coat and skin conditions were greatly improved, and his energy and appetite were restored. Further research will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of Revitalize Hydration supplement to address hematuria and other conditions affecting the urinary tract.

Fig. 1 – Free catch urine sample collected before supplementation with Revitalize Hydration. Gross hematuria was present daily for weeks.
Fig. 2 – Free catch urine samples collected daily the following days after supplementation with Revitalize Hydration was initiated. The night between day 4 and 5, Slim Shady was provided regular drinking water without Revitalize Hydration
Fig. 3 – Slim Shady’s coat before supplementation with Revitalize Hydration.
Fig. 4 – Slim Shady’s coat after supplementation with Revitalize Hydration.

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