Management of Proteinuria and Elevated Liver Enzymes in a 16-year-old Schnauzer using Revitalize Health & Immunity

Management of Proteinuria and Elevated Liver Enzymes in a 16-year-old Schnauzer using Revitalize Health & Immunity

Case Presentation: Elvis, a 16-year-old neutered male Schnauzer, was presented to the veterinary clinic in September 2019 with several symptoms, including lethargy, reduced appetite, proteinuria (protein 314mg/dl creatinine 39mg/dl UPC 8.1), and elevated liver enzymes (AST (SGOT) 86IU/L (15 – 66 IU/L) ALT (SGPT) 71IU/L (12 – 118 IU/L) Alkaline Phosphatase 1630IU/L (5 – 131 IU/L).


Upon evaluation, a treatment plan was established, incorporating the administration of Revitalize Health and Immunity (Rev H&I) supplementation. Elvis was given two Revitalize Health & Immunity capsules (1400 mg) daily, administered with food. Following the initiation of this regimen, notable improvements were observed within two weeks. Elvis’s energy levels were restored, his appetite increased, and proteinuria was notably reduced (protein 54mg/dl creatinine 42mg/dl UPC 1.3). Moreover, his liver enzyme levels displayed improvement: ALKP 1307 U/L (23-212 U/L).


Continuing the oral supplementation with Revitalize Health & Immunity over the span of six months led to further enhancement in Elvis’s liver enzyme values, while the proteinuria levels remained stable. As of March 20th 2020, ALKP was recorded at 875 U/L (23-212U/L) and ALT at 81 U/L (reference range 10-215U/L). Elvis’ overall health and vitality had significantly improved since incorporating Bloom Bioscience’s supplements into his daily routine.


Conclusion: The presented case underscores the successful management of proteinuria and elevated liver enzymes in a 16-year-old Schnauzer named Elvis through the incorporation of Revitalize Health and Immunity supplementation. This therapeutic approach facilitated the restoration of the dog’s energy levels, increased appetite, and reduction in proteinuria. Notably, the treatment also contributed to the significant improvement in liver enzyme levels, ultimately leading to Elvis’s continued well-being and remarkable longevity. At the age of 18, Elvis stands as a testament to the potential benefits of appropriate supplementation and holistic veterinary care in enhancing the quality of life and extending the lifespan of aging canine companions.

About Federica Scaletti, Ph.D.

Federica leads our Science Department. Her research interests include balancing the antioxidant defense and immune system by combining chemistry and glycobiology tools.

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